Skoon Cosmetics

natural clean & care

Personal and natural skin care 100% plastic free and made from 100% certified natural ingredients , which are active & effective, easy and comfortable to use. We believe the environment is important, from ingredient to product in the store.

Entire process

& affordable!

We look at all steps of the process to make our world a better place and where our products remain affordable. Will you help? Not only plastic but also chemicals from nature! We do not use chemical dyes or chemical perfume.

Natuurlijk stralend en ultiem beschermd de zon in?

Naturally radiant and ultimately protected in the sun?

Certified natural Skoon face cream Sundefense SPF30 without white cast!

Ultimate protection in the sun? With a mineral natural protection without a white cast? The new Skoon Sundefense SPF30 gives you this protection. Most mineral sun protection bands give a white haze due to the zinc oxide on the skin. Skoon is one of the first to succeed in making this white haze almost completely disappear. The subtle scent immediately puts you in a summer mood! Skoon Sundefense is Nano-free

The Skoon brand is completely plastic-free and certified natural. Together we make our planet better.