Body care

Our wonderful “Solid Shower Bars” for the shower. Without soap, without plastic but full of natural certified ingredients to care for, relax or refresh you.

Experience the new way of showering and enjoy these natural products. We work with 100% plant-based ingredients so that the products are Vegan. With 1 Skoon Showerbar of 90gr we save 3 bottles of 250ml shower gel. Together we save 3 plastic bottles every time. In this way, together we make our world a little healthier every time.

We make our bars without soap. Soap is an alkaline (high pH value) product that cleans well, but in our view it does not belong on your skin because it degreases and dries it out. The Skoon bars are all pH skin neutral.

The packaging of the bars is made of Paperwise cardboard. This cardboard is made from agricultural waste, so trees are not cut down unnecessarily.

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Body care

100% plastic-free - 100% certified - natural - vegan