Sustainable and our packaging: Paperwise Cardboard

We use Paperwise cardboard for all boxes of the Skoon bars. This innovative material not only offers a sustainable alternative to traditional cardboard, but it also contributes to reducing the ecological footprint for us as a company.

What is Paperwise cardboard?

Paperwise cardboard is a revolutionary product made from agricultural waste. This waste, which is normally incinerated, is now converted into high-quality cardboard in an environmentally friendly way. The main ingredient of Paperwise is bagasse, a residual product from sugar cane. Using this waste as a raw material for cardboard reduces pressure on traditional forests and utilizes a renewable resource.

Environmental friendliness as a driving force

Using Paperwise cardboard offers several environmental benefits. First, it helps reduce deforestation as the main ingredient, bagasse, comes from sugar cane plantations and not from trees. This preserves biodiversity and prevents valuable ecosystems from being damaged.

In addition, the production of Paperwise cardboard has a lower ecological footprint compared to traditional cardboard. Processing agricultural waste into cardboard generally requires less energy and water compared to producing cardboard from wood pulp. In addition, less chemicals are used in the production of Paperwise, which further reduces the impact on the environment.


It is clear that Paperwise cardboard is a promising alternative to traditional cardboard. By converting agricultural waste into high-quality cardboard, this innovative material contributes to reducing the impact on the environment. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to combine sustainability and quality of packaging.

By using Paperwise cardboard we also contribute to a greener planet and we are happy to do so, despite the fact that paperwise cardboard is slightly more expensive.