Solid shampoo bar for strong hair

✓ 100% plastic-free

✓ BDIH certified

✓ Vegan & cruelty-free

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You can find a solid shampoo bar for strong hair at Skoon Natural Cosmetics. Our products are cruelty-free, vegan, 100% plastic-free and BDIH certified. This means that the products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and that some of the ingredients come from organic farming. This is how you care for your hair naturally!

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Choose a suitable solid shampoo bar for strong hair

If you are looking for a solid shampoo bar for strong hair, we recommend the variants below:

Solid Shampoo Caffeine

The formula of Solid Shampoo Caffeine contains caffeine, zinc and green coffee. The ingredients in this solid shampoo bar provide strong and full hair, without weighing the hair down. Your scalp also gets a boost when you use this shampoo, because the ingredients stimulate the weakened hair roots. This allows your locks to grow long and healthy!

Solid Shampoo Volume & Strength

This shampoo contains proteins that ensure hair recovery. In addition, your hair is hydrated by aloe vera and citrus provides refreshing energy. The structure of your hair and scalp is restored, which ensures strong and healthy hair.

Get your shampoo bar at home

You will enjoy a solid shampoo bar for a long time, because one bar lasts as long as three 250 milliliter plastic bottles. Our solid shampoos therefore fit perfectly into a sustainable lifestyle. Complete your beauty routine with our plastic-free care products ! Place an order immediately.

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Solid shampoo bar for strong hair

100% plastic-free - 100% certified - natural - vegan