Facial Cleansing

Make-Off Glove

The soft facial cleanser that removes all make-up and dirt with just water. The secret of the Skoon Make-Off Glove is the unique fibre structure that is created by using a special, patented weaving technique that gives a unique rosebud structure. These soft textile rosebuds work as mini 'magnets' that absorb all make-up and other dirt. The highly flexible fabric reaches into the smallest corners and crevices, such as around the eyes and in the neck. The subtle scrub effect supports the soft cleansing and improves the skin. For a fresh and perfectly clean skin!
The Skoon Make-Off Glove was extensively tested and rated as 100% safe for skin use, so it can even be used on the most sensitive skin type. Extensive testing and experiences demonstrated that the Glove is hugely effective for cleansing the skin. We also discovered that the Glove not just cleanses the skin but that it also massages, gives a soft peeling, and prepares it for possible further cosmetic treatments.
The Skoon Make-Off Glove is a very sustainable product as it has a long lifespan. The Glove can be used for at least a year without losing its unique properties, it is 100% recyclable, and drastically reduces the use of other cleaning and cleansing products.
The Skoon Make-Off Glove is an indispensable make-up remover that can be used at home, at work, or when you travel. Available in a 2-pack or 5-pack.


Wet the Glove using lukewarm water and clean the face and neck every morning and night. Make circular movements for optimal cleansing. After using the Glove, your skin is ready for further treatment with a natural day or night cream.
After use, the Glove can be cleaned in the washing machine or with water and a natural soap.


Unique micro-fibres (100% polyester)