Skoon Cosmetics in short

Natural clean & care
Personal and natural skin care that only uses natural ingredients, which is active & effective, easy and comfortable to use. But we also think of the environment, from ingredient to the product in the shops. We consider all the steps along the process to preserve our environment. Many years of experience in the cosmetics branch has taught us a lot about the impact of cosmetics on us, as humans, and on the environment. And we, at Skoon Cosmetics, believe that the time has come that having "clean" cosmetics is something that is self-evident, healthier for ourselves and our planet. That is our mission.


The Skoon Cosmetics products and ingredients are never tested on animals. We have made a conscious choice to refrain from any animal testing. There are many other methods to test our products and there is no need for animals to suffer.


An international logo that indicates which products are vegan and thus contain no animal ingredients whatsoever. All products that are allowed carry this logo are registered with the Vegan Society in London. The products of the Skoon facial skin care line are all vegan.


Skoon Cosmetics products all have the BDIH "Certified Natural Cosmetics" quality label, which shows that the Skoon Cosmetics products are truly natural. There is no clear legislation about what product information should or should not contain, so we use this quality label to demonstrate that our products comply with the strict requirements and that they only contain natural ingredients.* *with the exception of the Make-Off Glove.

Respecting our planet

From harvesting the ingredients to after you used our products - the entire process is structured in such a way that it creates the least impact on our planet without making any concessions to the experience and effectiveness of our products. Ingredients that are grown close to the production site, less packaging material, prolonged use of products, biodegradable or recyclable products and packaging materials, we think of everything.